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How to Dress and Accessories for Music Festival

Headbands as an Accessory
Music festivals are great summer activities and besides the music, they are also a place to show of great fashion and style. When you think of music festivals, you probably think about using
Headbands as an Accessory such is flower crowns and maybe a Fedora and some ripped jeans. But dressing for a festival can be so much more. Let’s talk about some ways you can dress up for a festival.

Keep your Sense of Style

Just because it’s a music festival, does not mean you should completely lose your everyday style and wear something that’s so out of character for you. Still, keep your own personal style and then add some unique festival theme pieces to it. Like push it to the next level and you’ll be all set. Also, don’t try to fake a different style and stick with authenticity. If you want to dress vintage style then get actual vintage pieces. Don’t get fake band t-shirts or other fake vintage paraphernalia. Instead, go to the vintage and thrift stores and get the authentic items and accessories.

Pick one Statement Piece

Don’t overdo it with accessories. Instead, choose a statement piece and let that communicate your sense of style. If you mix too many trendy and stand out pieces, it will look like you’re trying too hard. When you mix a standout statement piece like a headband or a designer bag or shoes or a cool jacket, to a simple but well fitting outfit, you will stand out more. A statement piece also adds edge to your outfit and it could be a chunky necklace or a pair of studded leather boots. Carry a suede bag with fringe, or pair your maxi-dress with a leather vest—any element that brings just a little bit of badass to your look.

Add Fringe

Fring is one of the go-to festival basics. They fit well into the festival vibe and theme. You could get a fringe jacket or a fringe cross body bag. It adds texture and edginess to your entire look. Make sure you get an item that has good and well-made fringe and the cheaper ones get tangles easily and could keep you from having the best time if all you do is try to untangle them. It also doesn’t look good when it’s tangled up.

Don’t Wear a Bathing Suit

A lot of girls like to wear bathing suits or bikini tops to festivals happening in the middle of the desert. This is not a good idea. If you must, then wear it with other times that show that you are not heading to the water or counters the beach or pool vibe that a bathing suit brings. Bikini tops can be worn but with layering. So layer the bikini top with a cute see-through crop top or light overalls.

Don’t Wear Flip-Flops

Speaking of, don’t wear flip-flops to a festival. I know you must be thinking, it hot and so flip flops but no no. Even if you are from Florida, leave the flip-flops with the Gators. If you wear flip-flops, your feet will get dirty pretty quickly (you are in the desert after all). Instead wear, ankle boots, cute ballet flats or nice gladiator sandals. And if your shoe is your statement piece then a nice cowboy boot can be great to elevate your outfit and make you stand out.

Take a Coat

Even though it’s hot and in the desert, it can get quite chilly in the night. You don’t want to be caught off guard so it’s better to take a coat with you. You can tie it around your waist, drape it over your shoulders or keep it in your bag. Layering is key to keep this in mind. You could bring a denim jacket, leather jacket, thick flannel or a big enough scarf that you know can keep you warm.  And if you are going for more than one day, then you should pack accordingly. You can check the weather forecast first and then pack accordingly.

Take Sunscreen

Even if you apply some before leaving the house, make sure you take the bottle with you to re-apply throughout the day. You are going to be in the sun all day and so you will need to apply sunscreen repeatedly to stay protected. Also, take a hat if you can and always take sunglasses.

Other Random Tips

Festivals usually have campsites that you can take showers in for a small payment. So you should take some cash with you to take advantage of these. If you don’t want to use this, you can have some make use of bottled water to wash your face in the mornings or evenings and also brush your teeth. Take some dry shampoo and conditioner with you and wipes for makeup removal and to clean your hands, dirty surfaces, your shoes etc. Take hair ties and deodorant, lotion, chapstick etc.

Also, take toilet paper in your bag, medication like ibuprofen or paracetamol, a small towel or face towel, change of clothes or at least change of underwear, deodorant, and any other essentials.  Make sure you are properly prepared so you are not left feeling uncomfortable and/or stranded. And worth mentioning again, is that you take sunscreen.